Liquidating your assets
in four simple steps!

  1. You contact us to tell us about
    your insolvent files.
  2. We visit the premises, analyse
    the situation, and make our recommendations.
  3. We conduct a thorough appraisal
    of the assets on the premises and
    we inform you of the value of the prospetive liquidation.
  4. We give you the realizable value
    of the goods in writing.

Liquidating assets

With more than 25 years of experience in the appraisal and disposal of assets, Groupe Brosseau has earned the trust of a vast network of buyers and professionals. If you are managing insolvent files and want guaranteed results,
call the specialists in assets liquidation, Groupe Brosseau.

Once the valuation of your assets is completed, you have three choices for the liquidation of your assets


An auction takes place in a specific location and at a predetermined time.

If you decide to sell your goods at auction, Groupe Brosseau will take care of all the planning so as to get the best conditions for the sale. 

Preparation of the room, set up and ticketing of the articles, security of the premises and the merchandise, no detail is left to chance.

Invitations are sent to our database of potential buyers so that a maximum number of interested people are present the day of sale. In addition, all the information relating to the auction is available on our Internet website along with a photo gallery and a summery list of the goods.

Finally, the many business ties established over the years with various advertising media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) allows Groupe Brosseau to propose your event to a targeted and interested public, thereby attracting buyers who will make your auction a financial success.

Liquidation / Orderly marketing
by mutual agreement

Liquidation and orderly marketing by mutual agreement take place over a longer period of time and selling is done through our network of potential buyers and according to conditions of sale determined with you.

You prefer to set a fixed value for articles that you are trying to liquidate and you have a flexible deadline? Liquidation or orderly marketing by mutual agreement might better suit your needs.

  • We set a sales price that takes into account the condition of your assets and their market value.
  • In order to reach interested clients, the goods to be liquidate are advertised in several ways, in particular on our Internet website where a photo gallery of the articles is available to visitors.
  • We then invite our network of buyers to visit the website and make us an offer.