Before referring your valuation of assets mandate, it is important to ask yourself the following questions !

Does the company that will do the valuation have the expertise and the network of contacts needed to appraise my assets at the fair market value?

Is the rate requested to do work is competitive?

Is the company prepared to offer me a proposal free of charge?

What is the timeframe to complete the work?

Is the company known for keeping up with market trends?

Is the company knowledgeable in the sale and/or purchase of equipment?

Can the company provide me with references from financial institutions?

Valuation of assets

This is the work method Groupe Brosseau
uses to appraise you assets

To start, we visit the premises to verify and inspect all of
the equipment to be liquidated in order to determine its general condition.

We record manufacturers’ names, descriptions of the goods, model and serial numbers.

Articles that not have serial numbers are identified with a “Brosseau” number wich refers to an inspection carried out by the staff in order to try to determine the conditions of use of the equipment and its obsolenscence.

A comparison is then made with similary used articles sold on themarket. The condition of the goods to be liquidated is used along with market conditions to determine comparable and to attribute a fair market value to each of the proposed articles.

A detailed report containing all the information gathered is then presented to you.